23 - 24 September '17

23 - 24 September '17


Campus Round.


The centrepiece of the ISB Leadership Summit will be the first edition of the ISB Emerging Leaders’ Forum, our flagship invitational debate competition featuring 16 teams from premier B-schools and top-tier educational institutions. The best minds from India's finest institutions meet at an exclusive platform to debate Business, Policy, Ethics, Culture, Startups, Economy, Tech, and Media. The event will be India’s largest business school debate, held over two days at the Indian School of Business, Hyderabad, which will run in sync with the ISB Leadership Summit. The Emerging Leaders’ Forum will also feature globally reputed faculty and CXOs forming the judging panels. Key highlights include participation by invitation only, to top-tier schools, judging panels comprising business leaders, policymakers, internationally acclaimed adjudicators, ₹100,000 in awards, reimbursed travel and accommodation for all teams participating in Emerging Leaders Forum 2017, entry to the ISB Leadership Summit, and networking opportunities with the sharpest minds from top business and postgraduate schools nationally.
Participation limited to exceptional invitee schools. Debates moderated by top business leaders and policymakers, along with internationally acclaimed adjudicators. ₹100,000 in awards for the best performing teams and individual speakers. Travel and accommodation reimbursed* for all teams participating in Emerging Leaders’ Forum 2017. Entry to all events and speaker sessions at the ISB Leadership Summit. Chance to meet and interact with the sharpest minds from top business and postgraduate schools.

Days to Go






Prize Money (INR)

Event Format

Round - 1

Each member of the two person team should submit a 60-90 second video on the motion. One member of the team will speak for the motion, and the other will speak against the motion. The motion will be sent to teams after registration. The top 16 teams will be invited to ISB based on their submissions. Last date for registration is 31st August 2017

Round - 2 (Finals at ISB)

ELF shall be run in two phases: Phase one, which shall be known as the ‘Preliminary Rounds’ will involve 3 rounds of debate in a round-robin fashion involving match-ups of 2 teams per round, and, Phase two, known as the ‘Knock-out Rounds,’ shall comprise of the semi-finals, and the grand finals. The draw for the first preliminary round will be randomly assigned. The top 4 teams at the end of 3 rounds, judged by the number of wins and the quality of content, will enter the Knock-out Rounds. 


Saturday, 23 September


10am - 12:30pm The Startup Ecosystem

1:30pm-4pm - Automation and the evolving needs of human capital

5pm-7:30pm - Corporate governance

Sunday, 24 September


11am - 12pm Business & government - the double edged sword of regulation


5pm - 7pm – Gender in Business (Grand Finale)



·         Each match will comprise 2 teams, one to propose the motion and one to oppose it.

·         The broad theme of each round will be released 7-10 days in advance of the event.

·         The specific topic for each round shall be announced 45 minutes before the start of each round. 

·         Every speaker will have a maximum of 6 minutes of speaking time. 

·         All speeches will be evaluated in terms of content and presentation.

·         Results of each round will only be disclosed at the end of Phase 1.

·         Teams will be evaluated as a whole, although the effectiveness of each speaker will heavily influence the outcome for the team as a whole.

·         Teams are encouraged to dynamically ‘engage’ with the issues raised during the speeches, and be responsive.


For queries please email at EL_Forum@isb.edu. or contact Apurva Agrawal (+91-9560299533), Gaurang Sinha (+91-7299885750), Harshit Agarwal (+91-8376925681)